WiFi Anywhere - Discover How to Find It

People still need a stable internet connection even if they leave their house. Even though mobile data may be an option, there are times that signal or network connection will not be reliable as it can be weak.

Thus, it is ideal to have an internet connection through a reliable WiFi connection. The WiFi Connect app allows its users to find nearby WiFi connections and lets them access WiFi even without a password or security key.

Learn more about the WiFi Connect app and its features in this article. Discover how to find WiFi connections anywhere and access them without knowing the actual password through the WiFi Connect app.

What Is the WiFi Connect App?

Internet connection has become necessary for everyone as it provides convenience and access to everything, such as food, transportation, and other services. Thus, it is ideal to have an internet connection 24/7.


A stable and reliable internet connection is easy when staying at home with a WiFi connection. In addition, there is another option aside from WiFi, which is a mobile network connection that is dependent on the availability and strength of the mobile network signal.

People do not have to worry about losing their internet connection whenever and wherever they go. With the help of the WiFi Connect app, they can find an internet connection even if they are outside or on the road.

Primarily, the WiFi Connect app lets its users have an internet connection by looking for a WiFi connection, such as hotspots. The app provides the security key and password for a WiFi connection that requires one.


How to Download the WiFi Connect App

Yurii Kobets designed and launched this kind of technology for iOS users. The team launched the WiFi Connect app for iPad and iPhone users. Thus, people can install the WiFi Connect app from the Apple App Store.

The WiFi Connect app is free, so they only need to search for the “WiFi Connect” app on the App Store to download it.

Is the WiFi Connect App Difficult to Set Up?

After downloading the WiFi Connect app, it is easy to set up on the iOS device. The WiFi Connect app only requires its users to allow it to access the phone’s current location. The app will help locate available WiFi connections based on the users’ location.

WiFi Anywhere - Discover How to Find It
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The usesr have three options when the WiFi Connect app asked for their location: Allow Once, Allow While Using App, and Don’t Allow. The first option means the users must grant the app access to its location every time they open or launch the WiFi Connect app.

Meanwhile, the second option entails that users are granting the app access to their current location every time they use it. The WiFi Connect app clarified that it would not access the users’ location outside of use.

Lastly, the last option does not allow the WiFi Connect app to access their current collection. It does not mean that the users cannot utilize the app’s main features because the WiFi Connect app provides a manual search option for locations on the map.

Is the WiFi Connect App Free?

As mentioned, the WiFi Connect app is completely free. Thus, there is no need to pay for the WiFi Connect app. No premium subscription or in-app purchase items are available on the WiFi Connect app.

Any iOS users can enjoy its features and connect for free. However, the only downside of the WiFi Connect app is the ads. There are many intrusive and pop-up ads when using the WiFi Connect app.

App users need to be patient with these ads as they can close them after a few seconds. There is no way for the WiFi Connect app users to remove the ads, so they have to bear with them.

What Is the Map Feature on the WiFi Connect App?

The app made it simple for users to find available WiFi connections almost everywhere in the world. Upon installing the WiFi Connect app, they will be welcomed to the app’s map.

WiFi Anywhere - Discover How to Find It
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The map on the WiFi Connect app is one of its primary tabs, found at the bottom of the screen. Since the app asked for access to the mobile device's current location and its users, the map automatically shows the vicinity of that current location.

The map changes when users move around the city or town. Moreover, the WiFi Connect app’s map displays all the spots or places with available WiFi connections.

What Do the Pins on the WiFi Connect App Map Indicate?

There are pins on the map of the available WiFi connections so that users can identify where they are specifically.

The pins on the map can also help them locate the place with WiFi when they decide to go there. The WiFi Connect app map can also provide specific directions to those places with available WiFi hotspots.

Can You Search for Cities on the WiFi Connect App Manually?

The WiFi Connect app boasts its main feature that allows users to find available WiFi connections nearby when the app has access to their current location. However, there is an option where users can decline the app to access their location.

WiFi Anywhere - Discover How to Find It
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As mentioned, users who opted not to grant the WiFi Connect app access to their location can still enjoy its features. The WiFi Connect app understands that people may not be comfortable sharing their location, so it provides a manual search feature.

Users need to type or provide the city or town they are in through the manual search feature to find available WiFi connections.

When to Use Manual Search on the WiFi Connect App

It is ideal if users can type the specific address, so the map can easily locate WiFi spots nearby. This feature is also best for those who plan to travel to another city.

They can immediately search for a WiFi hotspot in the area before they leave, so they will know where to go if they need a WiFi connection when they are staying in the city.

In Which Cities Is the WiFi Connect App Available?

Although the WiFi Connect app mentions that it is available almost anywhere in the world, it is important to note that it works best in major cities worldwide. It will be difficult for users to find WiFi connections through the app in rural areas.

WiFi Anywhere - Discover How to Find It
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The WiFi Connect app is available across the major 50,000 cities in the world. In the USA, the WiFi Connect app can be used in almost all cities, such as New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, etc.

In Europe, people can find WiFi connections on the app when they are in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and many more. Check out some other countries where WiFi connect works best:

  • North America - Canada, Mexico
  • South America - Argentina, Brazil, Chile
  • Asia - China, India, Singapore
  • Most African countries

What Are the Other Things to Know About the WiFi Connect App?

Since the WiFi Connect app is available across continents, the developers ensured that people can use it accordingly and with ease. Thus, the WiFi Connect app is available in several languages.

This includes English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. In addition, the app is also available in Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and traditional Chinese.

Moreover, it is important to note that before installing the WiFi Connect app, you need to ensure that the devices meet the minimum requirement for the operating system, which is iOS 11.0 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Meeting the required operating systems will optimize the performance of the  WiFi Connect app.

How to Connect to WiFi Through the WiFi Connect App?

The WiFi Connect app made it simple for its users to connect to any available WiFi connections detected. The app mentioned that all the indicated WiFi connections on the map are available.

WiFi Anywhere - Discover How to Find It
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Thus, the users must be near their chosen connection to get a signal and connect accordingly. Most of the identified WiFi connections are for everyone, meaning no passwords or security are required.

However, there are instances when these WiFi connections require a password. No need to worry, as the WiFi Connect app can give it to you. To connect to WiFi with a password, users must tap on the WiFi on the map.

Then, the WiFi Connect app will display the information about the WiFi connection, including the password. Users need to copy the password for access. Proceed to the Settings, click the WiFi and paste the password to connect successfully.

How Can Users Save Passwords and Places on the WiFi Connect App?

Besides giving passwords to its users, the WiFi Connect app also saves the passwords for future use. Once the user is connected to a chosen WiFi connection from the map, the WiFi Connect app will save the password and place.

Then, the users will not have to enter the password again the next time they visit the place. All of these saved places and passwords are recorded on the Saved tab on the app. Users may check their saved items on the app, so they can just go to a place they went before to connect to WiFi.


The WiFi Connect app promises its users that it will help them find available WiFi connections wherever they go. The WiFi Connect app provides passwords for WiFi connections that require a security key. However, when using public WiFi, it is always wise to protect yourself by using a VPN.

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