Amazing Premium Staff Scheduling Softwares

“If you fulfill the wishes of your employees, your employees will fulfill your vision’’- Amit Kalantri.

The Human Resource is the most important function for any business. The need for an automated way of managing employees’ schedules and tasks has inspired the development of innovative ways of managing business workforce. The benefits of automating the human resource management function far outweigh the costs. 


There currently exists various staff scheduling software both online and offline, but few of them will get the job done the way you want them to. The best systems have an android, iPhone or other Smartphone application support mobility and flexibility, as developers cannot ignore the power of smartphones. The following are five of the best employee scheduling applications available. 

Staff Scheduling Software Apps

Save both time and money by choosing one of these premium scheduling softwares.



Suitable for any business size, Planday as an online employee scheduling software increases human resource scheduling significantly. The software’s platform is user-friendly and at the same time powerful. So what makes this software stand out?

  • Managers can oversee employee activity; horizontal communication is by far easier; vacation requests are processed conveniently; and payroll processing and shift-swaps are easily managed. Automation of these features eliminates the need to manually create these records. All data taken by the software translates to information valuable to human resource management, monitoring and evaluation. Detailing gives this software leverage over the others. This shift schedule maker eliminates task overhaul and overstaffing ensuring all activities are carried out efficiently while exercising optimum staffing. This saves both task completion time and cost of labor.
  • The mobile application has an internal messaging feature that keeps the employee informed on the go. The Shift Information feature reminds the employee of their shift location and time. The Swap-Shift feature makes it possible for employees to swap shift time at their own convenience wherever they are on their mobile devices. The Employee Scheduler enables employees to know where they are required at what time in the same firm or business. This automation eases the employer’s burden of scheduling and monitoring. This application is available on multiple mobile devices including tablets, iPhones, android phones as well as mac books and PCs.
  • Planday offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card information required, or can request a free demonstration by a Planday representative. General customer service is excellent with full customer support. This, however, is not necessary since the system rarely malfunctions.
  • This application generally ensures employees get the best out of their workers and assists employees earn their remuneration package in the most convenient way possible. 

This application is one of the best in the market. It popularity is owed to the fact that it meets all the user requirements for an efficient and reliable work schedule maker. This application makes use of an efficient messaging service that continuously updates it workforce database on shift time, swaps, change and availability of new work. This application is widely used in most industries due to its proven track record. Experts recommend this application and this is why. 

  • You can email all workers in its database instantly or even send notifications to specific workers, updating them of available shifts and reminding them of scheduled tasks. This allows the employer keep communication with the workers at a desired level of efficiency. 
  • A bulletin board feature sends broadcasts to all workers and this tool can be used to communicate to employees at any time. This feature ensures all workers are aware of the desires of the employer. This, in turn, reduces the time taken to pass across information. This also reduces information distortion. 
  • The ease of use enables employers who are not technologically savvy get to reap the benefits of investing in such a system. Feedback from employees is also made easy as once the worker logs into the system, they can immediately reply to a message or notification. 


This online employee scheduling system clearly stands out. It is detailed yet simple to use and is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and eventually money.

Key features include 

  • A robust scheduling system meant to involve both the employer and employee in the scheduling process, thus avoiding conflict in planning. Employees set their availability and employers use this to easily and accurately schedule and plan. This feature ensures all tasks scheduled are completed in time and the employee is compensated fairly for work done. 
  • Its online biometric time clock software eliminates the need for stand-alone apparatus which is expensive, ungainly and inflexible to use. The convenience this feature provides is invaluable and it is amazingly simple to manage. Furthermore, the mobile application enables the employee to remotely clock in or out. An employee can use it while in the field saving time. Another exciting feature is the webcam verification system that takes a photo at clock-in and clock-out to avoid buddy clocking. The employer can also keep an eye on the employee’s electronic activity.
  • Since this is an online system, all data is channeled directly to payroll for processing. The actual employee clocked time information is automatically integrated and reflected to the system for convenient payroll processing. This feature increases efficiency and productivity by both the employer and employee. The employers automate their human resource management scheduling function and the employees conveniently manage their working time. 


This application is meant to assist vendors, retail store owners, and hospitality industry players get the best out of the human resource function while at the same time maintaining high levels of efficiency and control to maximize efficacy in employee management. The application also assists employees keep track of their work and be able to manage their work shifts on the go.

  • Businesses are ditching manual task scheduling and employee placement. Hotschedules’ forecasting feature enables employers to estimate future labor requirements while at the same time working within the available budget. This feature uses disposable income to safely manage the employer’s funds. 
  • The Social-recruiting feature eases the recruitment process by reducing the time taken to fill a vacant position. The comprehensive labor management feature fully automates vital processes involved in workforce management example task scheduling and shift-swaps. Other features include built-in log books, a comprehensive inventory management system, and a self-publishing API function. 
  • The business owner’s functions are automated ensuring efficiency and high levels of productivity, full control of the human resource function and efficient data storage and management for future reference. The employees are up-to-date with their task requirements and a constant flow of information ensures they earn every penny in their remuneration package. 


Clockit comes in two folds- an online application and an offline installation package. Clockit-online allows the employer to create positions and functions in the business within the application. Since it is online, you can manage and operate it on the go. The user can post schedules at any time and employees are kept up to date on upcoming shifts. Clockit-online does not have a mobile application, but it is still popular amongst business owners and this is why

  • The auto-scheduler functions take charge for task scheduling allowing the Human Resource functions operate smoothly. It can schedule tasks on a weekly basis automatically ensuring every function within the firm is taken care of. 
  • It being a hosted service platform, it means you can access it anywhere with the availability of an internet connection. Whether on vacation, at home or simply not available in the office, task scheduling goes on uninterrupted. 
  • The user can choose to create functions within the application and task them accordingly. This mode of scheduling ensures the staffing control is fully left to the employer. This increases convenience and ease of scheduling. 

The Clockit-offline version is a replica of the online version but this version cannot be accessed remotely. It, however, can be used without an internet connection. The only limitation is the mobility and flexibility an online version possesses. 


A good staff scheduling software ensures the human resource management function is automated, convenient to use (for both the employer and employee), highly flexible and is able to keep an accurate and secure record for future reference, indexing and archiving. 



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