BitRaser: Wipe Hard Drive Software Review

When you are planning to dispose of, donate or sell your laptop and or PCs, it is important to back up all the important data and files that you will use in the future. And maybe even more importantly, you should erase all history and file compartments to prevent misuse of data and information.

PCs and laptops contain private data and files including internet browsing history, passwords, and page visits are also stored on the disk. This is why it is advisable to wipe your hard drive before you hand over the computer to another person.


It is therefore important to carefully review the options you get before using any hard drive eraser. BitRaser is one of the most popular eraser software on the market.

Protecting Your Privacy with BitRaser

BitRaser is an advanced data erasure tool that helps users securely delete their digital data, eliminating the possibility of its recovery. It can be used to remove confidential information, personal records, financial details, and other sensitive data from computers, hard drives, and storage devices.

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BitRaser can erase files and folders from local as well as external drives, delete internet activities from browsers and instant messaging apps, and wipe free disk space.


It is a secure data erasure solution that ensures complete privacy of all your digital files by completely eliminating their existence from the system. It also helps users comply with various compliance requirements like GDPR and HIPAA by providing verified erasure reports for audit trails.

How to Use BitRaser

BitRaser is designed to help users permanently delete files and folders, erase free disk space, and securely wipe external storage devices. To use BitRaser to permanently erase data, you can download the BitRaser software and install it on your computer.

Select the type of erasure you would like to perform. BitRaser offers several different types of erasures, such as File Erasure, Folder Erasure, Free Disk Space Erasure, and Device Wipe. Choose the items you would like to erase.


Click Erase Now to begin the process of permanently deleting the selected items from your system or device. After the process is complete, verify that your data has been erased by running a scan.

Flexibility with Your Options

BitRaser offers flexible options for erasing data from any type of device, including hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, digital cameras, external storage devices, and more. Users can also select the type of data they want to erase (e.g., files, emails, applications) and the level of erasure (e.g., Quick Erase or Secure Erase).

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It provides users with a great level of flexibility when it comes to erasing data. With BitRaser, users can choose from several data erasure algorithms to ensure their data is securely erased. The software supports both quick and secure erase modes, allowing users to choose the method that best suits their needs.

Furthermore, BitRaser also allows users to create customized erasure profiles that can be used on multiple systems. This makes it easy for users to quickly apply the same erasure settings across multiple systems without having to manually configure each system individually.

Deleting Large Amounts of Data within Seconds

BitRaser enables users to quickly erase large amounts of data in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually. The software offers three levels of speed depending on how much time the user wants to dedicate to the process—Express Erase (the fastest), Standard Erase (moderate), and Deep Erase (the slowest).

It can erase data from both local drives and external media such as USB drives, SD cards, and external hard drives. The speed of the erasure process depends on the size of the data being erased as well as the type of device being used. In most cases, BitRaser can complete an erasure process within minutes or even seconds.

Additionally, when erasing large amounts of data from a single device or multiple devices at once, BitRaser can complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

Offering Secure and Permanent Solutions

BitRaser is a powerful data-erasing tool that ensures the secure and permanent erasure of data from computers, hard drives, external storage devices, and other digital media. It provides a comprehensive solution to securely erase all kinds of sensitive data.

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BitRaser uses military-grade algorithms to ensure that all erased data is unrecoverable by any means available today or in the future. The software also supports multiple international standards for wiping sensitive information such as US DoD 5220-22M, NATO Standard 5200-30N, or HMG IS5 Baseline/Enhanced.

BitRaser also offers full encryption of deleted data so that no traces of it can be recovered even with advanced forensic tools. Furthermore, the software also provides an audit trail report which contains detailed information about the deleted files for safekeeping.

Support for Multiple Platforms

BitRaser supports both Windows and Mac systems as well as external storage devices connected through USB ports or FireWire cables. This makes it an ideal choice for users who need a versatile solution for erasing data securely from multiple platforms and devices.

The software also offers support for multiple device types such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. It also supports multiple OS platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. This allows users to securely erase their data regardless of the type of device or platform they are using.

BitRaser provides comprehensive customer support in case users have any questions or need assistance with the software. The company has a knowledge base with helpful articles and tutorials as well as a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 to help with any issues or queries users may have regarding the product.


BitRaser is an excellent data erasure tool that offers reliable and secure data erasure solutions for both personal and business use. It provides a comprehensive set of features that allow users to securely erase their data with ease, ensuring that the deleted data can never be recovered.

With its advanced algorithms, BitRaser ensures complete data destruction, making it a great choice for those looking to protect their privacy and security.

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