4 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software

Handling a number of employees in any business is not an easy job and Employee scheduling is one of the most important and critical tasks for every business. It becomes more complex in those businesses where there are requirement of 24 hours working labor. Previously, when computers are not very popular, many small and big industries use to hire separate staff just to ensure proper scheduling of employees. However, this is a very old way to design a proper working schedule of each employee. Now most of companies prefer to have an automated process for employee scheduling. And we know computer softwares are always best for anything you desire.

Today’s there are a lot of employees scheduling softwares in the market and each software has its own benefits and limitations. When we are looking for anything we always prefer to have to a thing with greater benefits at least price. And the same rule holds for softwares also. Because we know each penny is worth to your business. So, Why we spend a lot of the budget on softwares without knowing its benefits and usage. When we can have free software available to test it out properly before subscribing any premium service. Let’s check out our today’s compilation of best free Employee Scheduling Software to automate your business scheduling activities.


Best Free Employee Scheduling Software

4 Best Free Employee Scheduling Software:




Planday is another amazing work schedule maker. It offers all the features you expect from a good employee scheduling software. It has an online clock that is automatically connected with the payroll system. This way, you will be able to calculate the exact number of work hours served by an employee and pay accordingly. You will also easily be able to export and import data from your payroll systems. All in all, planday carefully ensures that you are optimizing your company’s costs.

From Windows and Linux to Android and iOS, Planday works well on all platforms. One of the best features of this powerful shift schedule maker is that it allows employees to swap shifts. This way, Planday ensures that there is never an empty slot even when an employee is calling sick or is unavailable. This software is powerful enough to serve both small and big organization. It comes with a 30 day free trial period. If you are still hesitant about using this employee scheduling software, you can avail the free trial option to see if this software will work well for you.

Key features:

  • Planday is quite easy to use and works well on a variety of platforms.
  • With this software, employees can swap shifts and fill in for each other in times of need.
  • It comes with a 30-day free trial period.



Get better planning with When To Work staff scheduler. They have a crisp interface with multiple functions and good online help. Also an extensive youtube tutorial list for all funtions which is great to have! You can find their free trial here.
Key features:

  • Increase Efficiency – know coverage and scheduling availability information
  • Delegate – add scheduling managers & set their permissions
  • No Risk – use it free for 30 days – no credit card or personal information required


Zoomshift staff schedule maker

With a great app both for android and iPhone, Zoom is innovative and modern. And with easy payment system and great support this is a clear option for any company.

ZoomShift: These days, when the market is brimming with employee scheduling software, ZoomShift has managed to create a niche for itself. ZoomShift is a staff scheduling software custom-made for modern organizations that need a contemporary and powerful scheduling software to do scheduling. Its app is one of the best in the market right now. This work schedule maker has all the features you will need in a shift schedule maker. It updates employees in real time by sending them push, email or text alerts. Not just that, this software automatically sends reminders to employees before their shift is to begin. “It just escaped my mind” is an excuse you will never hear again.

ZoomShift has some great features that employees can use to their benefit. For instance, it allows employees to change their notification settings as per their liking. This essentially means that employees can choose to opt out of receiving notifications that are of no interest to them. This employer scheduling software also has a dedicated customer support team that works round the clock to solve any issues users might have. It is safe to safe that with ZoomShift, you will be able to solve all of your scheduling worries.

Key features:

  • It has an easy, impressive and modern user interface.
  • ZoomShift allows users to opt-out of receiving notifications that are of no use to them.
  • This software has amazing apps for both Android and iPhone.

Droster employee scheduling software

Droaster employee scheduling software

It’s always a top choice for many small businesses and companies when they are searching for best and free employee scheduling software. It’s free software that assists you to make scheduled time shifts for employees of your organization. There is no limit on the maximum number of employees so you can use it for every business without thinking about whether your business is big or small. This application is designed to save your time on employee scheduling so that you can spend your valuable time and energy on other business issues.

Key features:

  • The application is time saving and saves up to 85% of your time.
  • This software is Easy and simple to use. It can set scheduling recurrences
  • It assists you in making full shift coverage.

ABC Roaster

ABC Roaster

ABC roaster is a free Employee Scheduling Software that is designed to give you complete assistance while planning different employee scheduling activities. It allows you to export the schedules created earlier to Microsoft Excel, PDF and HTML documents. It manages and format time sheets for employees and schedule their work and let you decide responsibility of each employee.

Key features:

  • It’s simple and easy to operate software.
  • It supervises your employee and keeps a regular check on their availability.
  • It can send direct emails to employees about their schedules.

Clockit schedule creator

Clockit schedule creator

ClockIt is a free employee schedule maker up to 3 employees that helps users to access the different planned activities schedule. This software can create custom schedules for you. Here you can review your employee details, plan their shifts and systematize work for them. This software comes with an inbuilt feature called automatic scheduling tool that help you to quickly create a schedule. This software can simply list your employees with their shift allocated to them, make rotation of their shifts and their availability.

Key Features:

  • It can easily create a custom schedule.
  • It helps you to monitor employees in each department.
  • It can create detailed schedules very quickly.

Need better support, up-to-date interface and the most time-saving employee scheduler? Go For Premium Staff Scheduling Softwares:

Shiftplanning employee scheduling program

ShiftPlanning is an easy to use employee scheduling software that comes with powerful features and is well-equipped to serve both small as well as big businesses. Its user friendly interface makes it one of the best staff scheduling software available right now. All you need to do is drag and drop to create a schedule. With this schedule maker, you will finally be able to give up working on those excel sheets that give you nightmares. ShiftPlanning allows its users to be more precise by letting them create schedules in minutes and not hours. All you need is an internet connection — the software works equally well on both laptops as well as phone, making it possible to schedule and re-schedule shifts even while you are on the go.

The best part about this work schedule maker is that it can be accessed by both employees as well as employers. This particular feature of ShiftPlanning allows both parties to make amends in the schedule. This shift schedule maker sends employees an alert message on their phones every time their schedule is changed. Not just that, with ShiftPlanning, you can also create schedules based on an individual’s skills and level of expertise. The software has an inbuilt reporting system that churns out detailed reports which can be used to gauge the efficiency and dedication of any employee. That apart, ShiftPlanning also gives its users the power to create custom reports and export and import data easily.

ShiftPlanning is quite easy to set-up. It has a dedicated computer support system that will ensure that any problem you face is solved within hours.

With a grear layout, easy understandable management and a fast support ShiftPlanning is on the rise. 40000 workplaces have allready implemented this software.

Key features:

  • Eliminate shift conflicts, notify employees of work shifts automatically and produce perfect timesheets every month
  • Create perfect timesheets devoid of human error to eliminate over or underpaying staff
  • Free 30-day trial here