Discovering the Art of Crochet Through Interactive Apps

There are many ways to use your time, one of which is to learn how to crochet. Many people might think that crocheting takes a lot of intricate skills to achieve good results, but you can always learn how to do so online.

You can learn how to crochet online through interactive apps. These mobile apps let you learn to crochet and even provide tutorials, basic designs, and challenging but interactive ways to help you learn more advanced techniques.


If you want to learn how to crochet, check out these interactive apps with the guide below.

Discovering the Art of Crochet Through Interactive Apps
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What to Look For in a Crochet App

When choosing a crochet app to learn how to crochet in real time, there are certain things that you need to consider. 

Discovering the Art of Crochet Through Interactive Apps
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These are factors that you should consider to avoid wasting effort and time downloading the app. 


This can also help you become more efficient at learning how to crochet online. Check out what you should be looking for in a crochet app.

Simple Interface

One of the major reasons that people are thrown off when using mobile apps such as these crochet apps is the interface.

 Many mobile apps have very complicated and messy user interfaces. Users may not know where to find them or where they lead. 


You should only choose to use an app with a very simple interface, which is more friendly and easy to use.

Comprehensive Library

When learning crochet through apps, you must use apps with a comprehensive library of tutorial videos that teach you the best techniques. 

They must also have a wide selection of designs for you to choose and practice. Each crochet app's library of content differs depending on the app itself. 

Most free-to-use apps tend to have limited content, while paid services often have updated content regularly.

Interactive Features

Crochet apps are all about learning the basics while also helping you achieve a modest level of technique. Having interactive features on the app allows you to make learning more fun. 

The guides should show you how to complete the steps simply yet accurately. These elements will help you learn much quicker, thus making the app more effective.

Progress Tracking

We all want to know how far we've come from learning crocheting basics. This is why apps should have a progress tracker that allows you to see the difference from when you started to where you are today. 

This feature should give you the ability to monitor your progress so you can see how far you've come and how much you've learned with the app.

Community Features

Choose an app with community features that allow you to interact with other users. You can share your progress and new designs and even talk to other users on the app. 

Users can discuss different techniques and share their experiences with you on the app. You can ask questions regarding a new pattern or design and ask for tips and tricks regarding crocheting.

Learn How to Crochet Online With These Apps

These are just some of the best recommendations for apps that help you learn how to crochet online.

Discovering the Art of Crochet Through Interactive Apps
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These apps range from basic tutorials to some of the best designs you can try. 

Not only do these apps help you learn how to crochet, but they are also very fun and interactive, making them more suitable for learning.

Crochet Row Counter and Patterns

Crochet Row Counter and Patterns is a great beginner app for those who want to learn how to crochet online. The app has received an award for best mobile app with its ease of use. 

The mobile application has features like project preview and instructions that let you see which designs are suitable for you. Then, you also have a timer to track how long it takes to complete a project. 

You also have basic crochet and knitting tutorials specifically made by professional crocheters so beginners can learn the proper way.

Learn How to Crochet

Learn How to Crochet is another great app that focuses on teaching you how to crochet while allowing you to have fun through interactive experiences. You get to create an amigurumi toy while also learning how to crochet.

The app has tutorials that help you understand the basics of crocheting, as well as different design patterns and home decorations that suit your style. 

Soon, you will be able to make even more innovative designs through their wide selection of patterns.

Crochet Genius

Crochet Genius is one of the best crocheting apps for learning how to crochet. It has useful tutorials that teach you the basics and offers some of the most colorful designs, such as cats, bears, and bunnies. 

Several tools are offered to help you achieve better results by teaching you techniques and patterns. With this app, you can import your pattern from a web page to the app to use it as your reference. 

If you need inspiration, the app features mittens, pillows, sweatshirts, amigurumi designs, and many more to choose from.


Ribblr is the best place to find deals for your crocheting experience. Here, you can check out patterns and thousands of craft materials, all sold at an exclusive discount. 

You also get a lot of inspiration from thousands of designs including the latest craft trends. With the app, you meet different crocheters from all over the world with their community feature. 

If you want to earn some side income, you can also join their marketplace to sell your patterns and finished products.


Learning how to crochet shouldn't be a difficult experience for beginners. There are a lot of choices for you to learn how to crochet online, but that does not mean you should download the next app you can find. Check out the recommendations above for a fun and interactive experience while learning to crochet online.

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