7 Websites To Learn To Code

We are entering the world of IOT. IOT, which means by Internet of Things, is nothing but when everything around us, from a grave to a tower, everything is connected to the internet. Everything has an online presence, and we will be in a cyberspace with all of us the fellow netizens. There can be two options for you, either to be actively help in its development and advancement, or just live life enjoying it. And, you very well know what is more interesting and promising for your personal and profession growth is the development part! No matter what industry you belong to. May it be a car garage that you own, or you are a CEO of a huge IT foundation, you need to know how to code! Everyone in the 21st century needs to learn to code if he wants to sustain himself in this competitive world coming ahead. Learning to code doesn’t only enhance your professional skills, but you also start to feel a new logical thinking mindset building up in you. Coding opens up your mind. Coding teaches you to how to teach a dead computer come alive, and make it do whatever you want to! Coding is capable enough to build super heroes! (PS- Iron Man).

Now you know, how important it is to learn to code. Well, no one is willing to move out of his comfort zone, go out, get a textbook, and start scrolling through those 1000 pages! We have the Internet and websites for everything in the world! Internet has resources to turn you into a rocket scientist, if you are willing enough to do so. Leave the capabilities aside. Same is the case with coding. There are so many paid and free sites that offer courses on coding. Coding in any language, any platform.


learn to code

You should master to code in a single language, and you will see how easy it gets for you to learn any other language in a few hours, maybe. Here is a list of some of the best websites, that will help you learn on how to code, with some really amazing resources!

7 Websites To Learn To Code:

Code School:


Learn to Code - Code School

Code school was first introduced by Plural sight. This is not a totally free website, but has courses that follow the “Learning by doing” paradigm. You implement everything that you learn parallely and effectively integrating everything in your mind.

Skill crush:



It actually makes you feel like you are in a classroom. There are discussion forums to interact with the people already enrolled. You can get in touch directly with the teacher during office hours. Thus us a great service, and effectively cheap!



Udacity has courses for any subject in the world! Ranging from basic coding to advanced programming lessons, this site has the course, that you can enroll to, and enjoy the best learning experience and turn into a perfect industry ready programmer!



Though udemy has a costly catalogue, the course materials are actually worth it! With courses, not just about web and technology, Udemy offers some really amazing courses to learn from!

Hack Design:

Hack Design

The best part about it is that this has an amazing catalogue of design resources! With people contributing from around the world, posting lessons, and working as an open source platform, the best ones are chosen and displayed in the final course to implement and learn! There are thousands of people enrolled! Best of luck!

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy

There is nothing better than this, if you love to follow the learning from scratch methodologies. Khan academy offers you “hearing to the instructions while coding” that makes you feel like you are learning sitting besides your tutor. With the best coding and mathematical lessons, this is an amazing website to learn anything associated with the cyber world! More over there are regular exercises and puzzles, that will help you polish your knowledge, and practice everything, that you just learnt.

Code Avengers:

Code Avengers- learn to code

This is the best website if you wish to learn web development. With step by step tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, this platform will be offering you with some of the best simulators, which makes you see your live work side by side!