9 Reasons to Choose Cloud Computing

Data and the process of processing that data is the most vital aspect of any organization. Achieving this in the last time, with least efforts, and finally, at lower costs is all what makes an organization stronger. Cloud computing is the most recent technology, which doesn’t mean anything else but hosting data, or services not on the local storage elements, but the Internet and servers.

Cloud computing came into action some time back when the organizations felt the need of decreasing the hardware costs, improve efficiency in data processing, and keep everything global. Cloud computing also enables an organization to easily access its data anywhere, anytime. You need not carry those sensitive hard disks anymore, but just this access credentials to your cloud server. This makes life easier. A lot easier! There were a lot of complications while implementing this technology in the initial stages, but today, it is efficient enough, that the next high tech gen gaming consoles will be streamed real time video games over the cloud, which actually makes you no more worry about the hardware you have, and need not spend money on the expensive GPU cards, etc.!



Recent studies have shown that more than 93% of the organizations, may it be the smaller ones or the larger ones, everyone has implemented cloud in some capacity, which makes it clear that the future is all about cloud computing, and the life is getting easier and efficient! Here are the 9 reasons why we claim for the cloud to be the next big thing for you.

9 Reasons to Choose Cloud Computing:

Reduced costs:
Based on the Opex model, and the pay as you go patterns, cloud computing holds much potential to help you cut a lot of your regular costs, and eventually, help you perform more financially.



As your business grows, you need a growth in your resources to. The storage space, the bandwidth, and everything will need updating. While the on premise systems will take a longer time during the overhaul, you can do anything to your cloud infrastructure in moments.

Stability: Traditional approach lies around waiting for something to break down, and then spending time fixing it. In case of cloud, there are regular and automatic software updates, which promote the policy of prevention better than cure.



You decide what you want to pay for the resources. The on premise systems have a contract, but in the case of cloud, whenever you find something better at a better price, you go for it, making you the king of the time.


While you are in a corner of the world, and the other guy at the other one, if you both have Internet access, you have access to all the information you need regarding a project you are working on. So, it keeps the employees collaborated.

We no longer use a single device to perform whatever we want to. We have a vast list of gadgets available, and you can seamlessly move from one device to another without worrying about the resources. Cloud processes it accordingly.


While your on premise systems have the security protocols promised and developed by your network administrator, the cloud servers have security protocols developed by the best security analysts in the world! So, you can very well judge what is more secure.


The cloud is a new rising platform. There are more startups than you can imagine, offering cloud services, which has made it a competitive market, which has made it cost effective, and better than anything else.

Ecological Benefits:

As a CEO of an organization, or the president of United states, taking care of the mother earth is as important. Cloud protocol is much greener and better. This is as important as anything, to take care of the natural imbalances not taking place.