8 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

No doubt that today it is era of Smartphones. And we all use to change our device after some time. Sometimes the reason is just to get an upgraded version. I have even seen many people who keep changes their smart phones just for their passion. But one unsolved question rest behind when we change our handset which usually no one cares about and that is what to do with your old smartphone when we got the new one. Well, It depends on person to person that what they likes to do with their old smartphone. Because Some people wants to exchange it and while others think they can make use of their old smartphone by some means, but how? So, Today I am going to share some interesting ways to use your old smartphone.

Old Smartphone


8 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone:

1. Alarm clock

You believe or not but people still need alarm clocks. Yes, You can also use your old Smartphone as an alarm clock. All you just need to grab a dock and an app to create an alarm clock. There are many clock or time apps which you can use further to add more utility to your alarm clock. You can use it to set reminder to various occasions such as birthday, anniversary and any other important event.

2. MP3 player


If you are an music lover and you love to listen music on your Smartphone than you can convert your old Smartphone in to an MP3 player. For instance if we listen music over our Smartphone we waste 10% or more battery per day. But if we use our old Smartphone we can save battery power of our new Smartphone. You can also store your favourite video for viewing.

3. Digital photo frame

Yes, You can use your old Smartphone or tablet as digital photo frame. You can plug-in with dayframe to watch your photographs with more extended options. There are a lot of other apps available at play store with which you can watch your pictures with more clarity and brightness.


4. Tune in with radio

You can use your old smartphone as radio to listen music. No matter if your sim is being used in any other device, still you can turn your old smartphone as a compact radio. There are a lots of radio apps by which help you can enhance your experience. Some of the popular apps that you can install on your smart phone are TuneIn radio and iHeartRadio.

5. Wireless Router

All android and iOS smartphone have a built in Wi-Fi feature. So, You can turn your old smartphone as a portable router. You just need to plug-in a 3G sim card in it. You can also use your old smart phone as a pocket internet device.

6. Home Security Camera

You can fix your old smartphone on a window or in a corner and use it like a home security camera. You can also add some apps like iCamspy, presence and manything to add more utility to your security system. So just place your smart phone in any corner and get rid of security concerns.

7. Remote on your touch screen

You can turn your old smartphone as a remote for your computer, media player and TV. You need to install remote apps on your smartphone. The most popular options of remote apps are google tv remote app and remote app.

8. Learn cooking

Now use your old smartphone as digital cookbook. So next time learn cooking as per you convienent with your old smartphone. You can buy cooking books and tutorials from playstore. So create a tasty food for your family and impress them now.

I think there are endless ways to use your old smartphone. Like you can use them as E-reader, kids toy, barometer, word processor and many more. But, The things is it’s all depends on your choice that how you want to use your old smartphone. Likewise, I am using my old smartphone as music player and Wi-Fi hotspot to surf Internet. Do let us know that how you use your old smartphone in the comments section below.

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