30 Jobs for Retirees, Starting at $20/Hour in Customer Service and Sales

Retirement marks a new chapter with diverse opportunities, including various jobs for retirees. This article explores 30 lucrative career options in customer service and sales, each starting at a minimum of $20 per hour. 

Aimed at retirees seeking meaningful engagement and financial stability, it outlines roles, salaries, and application processes. Discover how to navigate this transition smoothly, leveraging your experience in these thriving sectors.


Retiree Career Opportunities Overview

Retirement opens doors to new career paths, providing both financial benefits and personal fulfillment. The job market offers diverse roles suitable for retirees, with many requiring skills honed over a lifetime. 

Customer service and sales opportunities are particularly abundant and tailored to those seeking flexible, rewarding work. These positions often value the experience and maturity that retirees bring. 

With roles spanning various industries, retirees can find work that aligns with their interests and expertise. This sector is a promising avenue for those looking to stay active and engaged in their post-retirement life.


Customer Service and Sales Roles for Retirees

Customer service and sales positions are ideal for retirees due to their flexibility and potential for high earnings. These roles typically offer a starting wage of $20 per hour, appealing to those seeking a significant income post-retirement. 

They require skills like communication, problem-solving, and a customer-oriented approach. Many of these positions are available remotely, providing convenience and comfort. 

Roles range from traditional retail settings to modern e-commerce platforms. This variety ensures that retirees can find a niche that matches their skills and interests.


Top 30 Post-Retirement Jobs: Thriving in Customer Service and Sales

Unlock new customer service and sales opportunities with this guide to 30 rewarding post-retirement jobs. These roles, starting at an hourly wage equivalent to $20, cater to diverse skills and interests, offering flexibility and financial stability.

Retail Sales Consultant

In retail sales, you interact directly with customers, offering product insights and completing transactions. This role is ideal for those who enjoy social interaction and are knowledgeable about sales. 

It's a dynamic position that often offers both part-time and full-time opportunities. With an annual earning potential starting from $41,600, it's a lucrative option for retirees.

Customer Service Representative

As a Customer Service Representative, you handle customer inquiries and solve problems, usually over the phone or online. This role demands excellent communication skills and a patient demeanor.

It suits retirees who are comfortable with technology and enjoy helping others. The job typically pays around $41,600 per year.

Real Estate Sales Agent

Retirees with a flair for sales and an interest in property can excel as Real Estate Sales Agents. This job involves helping clients buy, sell, or rent properties, requiring strong interpersonal skills and a real estate license. Annual earnings start at around $52,000, offering a profitable post-retirement career.

Insurance Sales Agent

This role involves selling insurance policies, requiring understanding various insurance products and solid persuasive skills. Certification in insurance sales is often necessary. With an annual earning potential of approximately $52,000, it's an engaging choice for retirees.

Bank Customer Service Advisor

Help bank customers with their accounts and financial products as a Bank Customer Service Advisor. This role requires a good understanding of banking services and exceptional customer service skills. It offers around $47,000 annually and can be found in both physical branches and remote settings.

Telecommunications Sales Specialist

Specializing in telecommunications sales means staying updated with the latest tech and offering these products to customers. Strong sales skills and product knowledge are essential. This role can be rewarding, with annual earnings starting from $48,000.

E-commerce Support Specialist

E-commerce is booming, and as a Support Specialist, you'll assist online shoppers and manage customer service queries. This role is perfect for retirees comfortable with digital platforms, offering both challenge and flexibility. With an annual salary starting at $41,600, it's a modern and appealing option.

Automotive Sales Consultant

If you are passionate about cars, consider becoming an Automotive Sales Consultant. This job involves selling vehicles and related services, requiring good knowledge of automotive products and strong sales skills. Annual earnings start around $52,000, making it a profitable venture.

Travel Agent

Working as a Travel Agent can be fulfilling for those who love travel and have good organizational skills. This role involves planning trips, booking accommodations, and advising clients on travel options. It pays around $41,600 annually, combining work with your passion for travel.

Home Improvement Sales Associate

Worked in a home improvement store, advising customers on products and services. This role is excellent for those with DIY experience who enjoy interacting with people. It's a practical and engaging choice with a potential annual income of $41,600.

Healthcare Customer Service Representative

In this role, you'll assist patients or clients with healthcare-related queries. It requires empathy, good communication, and knowledge of the healthcare system. Offering around $41,600 annually, it's a rewarding option for those interested in healthcare.

Fitness Equipment Salesperson

Combine your interest in fitness with sales in this unique role. You'll advise customers on fitness equipment, requiring knowledge of fitness and sales skills. The job pays about $45,000 annually, making it a healthy and lucrative option.

Call Center Agent

Worked in a call center, handling customer queries and offering solutions. This role requires good communication skills and patience. It's well-suited for retirees who prefer a structured work environment and offers around $41,600 annually.

Wine Sales Representative

For those passionate about wine, consider becoming a Wine Sales Representative. This job involves selling wine to various clients, requiring knowledge of wine and sales skills. It's an enjoyable role with an annual earning potential of around $47,000.

Furniture Sales Associate

I sell furniture and home décor as a furniture sales associate. This job requires an eye for design and good sales skills. It's perfect for those who enjoy interior decorating and offers an annual salary of about $45,000.

Garden Center Associate

Worked in a garden center, advising customers on plants and gardening products. This role is ideal for those with a green thumb who enjoy customer interaction. With an annual income of approximately $41,600, it's a natural and fulfilling choice.

Electronics Sales Specialist

Sell electronic products and offer advice to customers in this role. It requires up-to-date tech knowledge and sales skills. Suitable for retirees interested in technology, it provides around $47,000 annually.

Customer Experience Manager

Manage customer service teams and strategies in this leadership role. It requires experience in customer service and management skills. 

This position is well-suited for retirees with a background in management, offering an annual salary starting from $52,000.

Sales Coach/Trainer

Use your sales experience to train new sales staff. This role requires extensive sales knowledge and the ability to teach and inspire others. It's a rewarding option for those who enjoy mentoring, with earnings starting at $50,000 annually.

Luxury Goods Sales Associate

Sell high-end products, from fashion to jewelry, in this glamorous role. It requires a good knowledge of luxury products and strong sales skills. Ideal for retirees with a taste for the finer things, it offers around $50,000 per year.

Event Ticketing Sales Agent

Sell tickets for events, from concerts to sports games, in this exciting role. It requires good organizational skills and a customer-first approach. Suitable for retirees who enjoy the entertainment industry, it pays about $45,000 annually.

Online Marketplace Coordinator

Coordinate sales and customer service for an online marketplace. This role is perfect for tech-savvy people with good organizational skills. Offering around $47,000 per year, it's a modern and engaging choice.

Pet Store Associate

Worked in a pet store, advising customers on pet care products and services. This job is ideal for animal lovers and requires good customer service skills. It's a heartwarming option with an annual income of around $41,600.

Bookstore Sales Associate

Combine your love for books with sales in this role. Advise customers on book selections and manage transactions. This job is perfect for book enthusiasts and offers about $41,600 annually.

Art Gallery Sales Consultant

Sell artwork and assist clients in an art gallery. This role requires an appreciation for art and good sales skills. Ideal for retirees with an interest in the arts, it offers around $47,000 per year.

Sporting Goods Sales Associate

Advise customers on sporting equipment and accessories in this active role. It's perfect for sports enthusiasts and requires some knowledge of sports and sales skills. The job pays approximately $45,000 annually.

Office Supply Store Associate

Worked in an office supply store, helping customers with product selections. This role suits those with organizational skills and a customer-first attitude. It offers an annual income of around $41,600.

Cosmetics Sales Representative

Sell cosmetics and beauty products, requiring knowledge of beauty products and sales skills. Ideal for retirees with an interest in beauty and wellness, it pays about $47,000 per year.

Home Appliance Salesperson

Advise customers on home appliances in this role. It requires product knowledge and good sales skills. Suitable for those who enjoy technology and customer interaction, the job offers around $50,000 annually.

Gift Shop Attendant

Worked in a gift shop, assisting customers with selections and managing transactions. This job is ideal for those who enjoy a festive atmosphere and require good customer service skills. It offers an annual salary of approximately $41,600.

Step-by-Step Guide: Applying for Post-Retirement Jobs

Navigating the job application process can be daunting, especially for retirees. This guide simplifies the steps for customer service and sales positions, from research to interviews.

Researching Job Opportunities

Start by researching job opportunities that align with your skills and interests. Use online job portals, company websites, and networking to find suitable roles. 

Focus on positions in customer service and sales that offer flexibility and match your experience. Take note of job requirements and company culture to ensure a good fit.

Preparing Your Resume

Tailor your resume for customer service and sales roles. Highlight relevant experience, such as communication skills and previous customer interactions. 

Keep the layout clear and concise, focusing on accomplishments that demonstrate your suitability for the role. Use keywords from job descriptions to make your resume more noticeable.

Application Process

Submit your application through the appropriate channels – often online or via email. Ensure all required documents are included and follow instructions carefully. 

After submission, reply with a polite email or phone call to express your continued interest. Keep track of your applications and responses for organized follow-up.

Interview Preparation Tips

Succeeding in interviews requires preparation and understanding of what employers look for.

  • Research the company and role to tailor your responses.
  • Practice common interview questions, focusing on customer service scenarios.
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer about the role and company.
  • Dress appropriately for the interview, leaning towards professional attire.
  • Be ready to discuss your previous experience and how it relates to the new role.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new skills.
  • Follow up with a thank-you note post-interview, reiterating your interest.

Wrapping Up: Second Career Paths for Retirees

Exploring second career opportunities in customer service and sales can be rewarding for retirees. These roles offer financial stability and a chance to leverage life-long skills. 

With diverse options starting at $20/hour, retirees can easily find a fitting and fulfilling role. This path provides a meaningful and engaging post-retirement journey.

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