7 Alternatives for Linux Mainstream Distros

Linux Mainstream Distros are those which have a large number of users, developers and a large support base. These Linux Mainstream Distros have their own software repositories. Let’s check out the list of Linux Mainsteram Distributions first before we head on to our main topic:

Now, There are a lot of alternatives for Linux mainstream distros, but we always want to know which one is best rated and created for which specific purpose or which one will be the best option for us. So, Today I am here with the best alternatives for Linux mainstream distros.


7 Best Alternatives for Linux Mainstream Distros:

1. Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux comes in with package of less than 200 MB and is designed to run from a pen drive. It has very attractive and easy to use interface. This distro basically works on portable devices.


2. Sparky Linux (Game Over Edition)

SparkyLinux (Gameover Edition)

If you are a gaming freak just like me, then this version suits best for you. The Sparky Linux Distribution utilizes the LDXE desktop environment which lightweight in nature and its sheer library of application are best. You can easily enjoy watching videos, listening to music and a lot of apps for graphic designers too.


3. Zorin OS


Zorin is best for users who are looking to transition from windows. Its may remind you to window 7 and you can find that your desktop looks similar to older Windows versions. Zorin gives you more flexibility than any other. You can use Zorin OS with your current operating system.

4. Peppermint OS

Peppermint OS

Peppermint comes with default LXDE. It has a small panel at the bottom with icons in the bottom right corner. It also has a basic menu on the left, with categories for accessories, games, graphics and internet.

5. Makulu


The designing of the macula is very inspired by Ubuntu MATE or Linux mint. Its themes have a nice cosmetic touch. This distro has thunderbird, Dropbox, Kingsoft office and audacious. This distro is centered on game lovers.

6. Netrunner


Netrunner is very similar to Ubuntu. If you are an Ubuntu user then you are surely going to love this also. This distro is based on the KDE desktop and its installation is also very easy.

7. Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux

This distro is just like puppy Linux. With this distro you can access to Slackware repositories. This distro is available in three versions which are minimal, netbook.