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5 Essential Rules of Software Project Management

Anyone can code. Anyone can learn to write algorithms. Anyone can learn to do anything theoretical. But, there is one and only one leader. To be a leader, you need to be more efficient, processing tasks concurrently, and improving the throughput of your organization. In the software

7 Websites To Learn To Code

We are entering the world of IOT. IOT, which means by Internet of Things, is nothing but when everything around us, from a grave to a tower, everything is connected to the internet. Everything has an online presence, and we will be in a cyberspace with all

10 Best Ways to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

YouTube is one of the best video sharing website which allows you to upload, view and share videos. You can easily watch any video without registering the website, but if you want to upload any video then you have to register yourself, which can be easily synchronized

Top 8 Free Online Courses To Improve Knowledge On Technology

Gone is the time when we just used to go universities, colleges or institutes of higher education or advance level trainings. This is the time of the 21st century and education has just moved beyond the boundaries of colleges or universities, i.e. You can easily improve your

8 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

No doubt that today it is era of Smartphones. And we all use to change our device after some time. Sometimes the reason is just to get an upgraded version. I have even seen many people who keep changes their smart phones just for their passion. But